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  1. Hi Julian.
    I’m inspired by your achievements and have been wanting to do something similar for a couple of years now. I live in Orpington, Kent and have family in Italy just south of Naples. Every august I go to visit and next year I’m planning on cyclin there. Is the route you took the most suitable and direct for a road bike? Look forward to hearing from you and any advice you may have.

    Regards Angelo

    • Ciao Angelo!
      Cycling from Kent to Naples you could take the same route as me (by following the details given on this website or in my book) and I would certainly recommend it. It combined great scenery & interesting locations but it wasn’t the most direct. The Via Francigena route is a more direct one than the Eurovelo 5 – see this route which was cycled by a couple who wanted to follow the pilgrimage route: http://puglia2010.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/vfcycleroute.jpg .
      Don’t get obsessed by the route planning; set off and make it up as you go along. That’s what I did! Full details of my route are of course in the book or on the Bikely.com route that someone has kindly created based upon what I wrote. The links are here: http://cyclingeurope.org/eurovelo-5-2010-2/the-route/
      Good luck & keep in touch.
      Best wishes

  2. Andrew what were the paths along the canal like. Suitable for a road bike or would a hybrid trekking bike be better for the surface?

    • Hi Julian
      In the end I never followed the canals as I met up with Alain Lenain (see the blog entries) and followed him across country, first to his house somewhere east of Boulogne and then the following day onwards to Lille. I never saw a canal! I’m sure if you look up Alain, he will be happy to give you a similar guided passage through the Pas de Calais.
      When are you planning on travelling?
      Best wishes

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