Cathching Up With the EV5 Community

Todd Rygh writes (and I respond in red);

Hello Andrew,
I just finished watching England-Germany. Not the result I was hoping for.ย 
Me neither, but they deserve nothing better!
I am preparing my own bicycle journey from Winchester to Brindisi in late August through September, and I have been following the blog for some while now. A couple of questions come to mind: it seems that information about the Euro Velo 5 has been disappearing from the web. One of your recent post indicated that you have been in conversation with EV officials. Are there any updates on that front? Not really Todd; just an email of encouragement that you can read here. I have even decided to avoid Brussels (where the ECF is based)ย and take a more direct route along the French – Belgian border towards Strasbourg and then down the Rhine. ย Specifically, are there any other print or web-based publications that recommend a cycle friendly route through Switzerland and Italy that you would recommend? If you look at the route section of this website, you’ll find information about the routes through Switzerland and some information about the routes through Italy although these are more aspirational than actual, especially in contrast to the Swiss routes. Hope all is well in your preparations and safe travels! Ta ๐Ÿ™‚

Rachel McCormack has just finished her cycle to Puglia with her Italian boyfriend. Quoting from her Facebook page;

WE DID IT!!!!!! After 41 days of cycling 3,600km we finally arrived in Maglie yesterday evening to a fantastic welcome. Police escort, champagne, flowers, fireworks.. Perfect end to an unforgettable adventure.

Congratulations Rachel; my turn next! Very impressed with you getting a police escort!

And Alain Lenain has left a nice comment on the previous post;

I was absolutely delighted to be hosted by you and you can be sure that warmshowers members are all of a like-mind with solidarity being uppermost in their philosophy of life. I was glad to leave early morning as it took me 185 kilometres to get to Wye. Skirting around the south of London proved to be more difficult that I had imagined!
Mennevilleย is definitely on your way and I look forward to introducing you to Fran, Manon, Ludo, Tilda, Thรฉsa and Merlin as well as to a piece of our hospitality
The Dwarf

185 kms in one day is just as, if not more impressive than getting a police escort at your destination! I wonder who Fran and the others are? See you in a couple of weeks Alain. ๐Ÿ™‚

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