Playing The Long Game

Guess what I’ve been doing since I arrived home from work?

Which is a pity because I have a few pieces of news to report and now have to write about them while falling asleep…

The first should really deserve a whole post to itself as it is news from the ECF! That certainly has been a long waiting game but I suppose they are busy people. The email is from Doretta Vicini;

Dear Andrew,
Massimo sent me your request. I’ m ECF vice-president and I apologise if nobody answered your email. I never read Facebook because it is too much for me and that might be the reason why I did not see your request. I asked Adam Bodor, who is at the moment the director of EuroVelo to write to you. The EuroVelo council works hard but we have not developed a proper website  yet and the route is mostly on the paper, but I think it s very good to encourage enthusiast people like you to try the route and let us know where the difficulties lie. As to the Italian part I asked Lello Sforza to help you from Rome on. Actually the Italian coordinator who knows all is Claudio Pedroni. I would try to contact him too. I wish you luck in your wonderful enterprise. I’m now in Copenhagen for the  Velo City Conference and will be here until Sunday.
Please write to me directly if you have problems and I´ll try to help.
Doretta Vicini

Thanks for that Doretta; having the support of the people who “own” Eurovelo (sorry, Euro Velo) is much appreciated.

Second big news is that I have my first donation to the charity via Just Giving (see link up there in the top right hand corner). Thanks Darrell!  I intend using the excuse of passing the 20,000 visitors count (probably tomorrow) to write more about the whole charity thing and give it a bit of a launch.

And finally my niece has arrived in Delhi and has filed her first foreign post to her blog. I am very jealous of her…

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