Burning Up The Miles

A funny 24 hours has just gone by…

I went to a barbeque yesterday afternoon and as it was quite cold in the shade I suggested we move the table and chairs into the sunlight. I then sat down in the very same sunlight for three hours and got very burnt! It elicited a few strange looks from kids and colleagues alike at school today. Mind you, strange looks because of a bright red face are one thing; strange looks because of wearing my Lycra shorts all day is on an altogether a different scale and it nearly came to pass. I set off for work this morning at my usual unearthly hour (although at least I was making the most of the sunlight, today being the summer solstice) and was cycling the last few metres towards the school when I suddenly realised that I hadn’t packed my trousers. Ooops! I conjured with the idea of being able to get away with wearing my cycling gear all day but quickly came to my senses and realised that the only thing I could do was cycle the 6 miles back home again to fetch them! I’m proud to say that I did and didn’t mind too much. Two commutes means about 25 miles of cycling; not bad for the training regime I suppose. Note to self; in future, don’t forget the trousers…

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  1. Trouser loss is the stuff of my commuter nightmares! sock angst is my second worry. I get front wheel angst if I have to remove it to load it into the back of my car (did I put that wheel in?)
    So far the thing that I forget the most, annoyingly, is my towel. Drying yourself off on a sweaty marino wool base layer is not great.

    • I have had an “emergency” set of underwear in a small drawer at work for quite a long time (and used them on occasions), but I never thought I would forget something as big as the trousers…

      • My last planned line of defence is tesco £4 jeans. Tesco is about a 10 min walk away and I usualy end up there to get my food. although entering tesco in lycra still is not ideal.

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