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My day started by cursing (under my breath)ย a French colleague for not really doing her job properly and I then spent this morning teaching French to a bunch of enthusiastic (in the main) 12 year olds (including one American). This afternoon I went to Reading University and met a lady from the Middle East (sorry, can’t be more precise) who in turn introduced me to five Chinese teachers who will be spending a week in my department towards the end of the month. I arrived home this evening to find myself invited to join a Facebook group written by my niece all about her upcoming trip to India;

On the 22nd of june I am setting off for 5 weeks’ holiday, volunteering and general retreat to INDIA!
This groupย is sort of a condensed version of a blog I will be doing along the way. Not that I will have internet for the majority of the trip. Oh well.
I’ve always wanted to go to India and I don’t really know why. Perhaps it was Simon Barratt’s enthusiasm of teaching us how Buddhism came to it. Perhaps it is just the opportunity to experience a new culture and really get away from London for a bit.
So, join if you have been travelling and want to give me advice, or if you’ve been to india, or if you just want to track how I’m getting along. Cheers!

The organisation she will beย working for is called R.O.S.E. – click here to find out more.

I won’t see her until the end of August when our paths will cross at an end-of-summer family Barbeque in Yorkshire. I can’t wait to swap stories about our respective adventures!

A day when I feel that I have earned my right to call myself a citizenย of the World (and so is my niece).

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