Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

So far my dealings with Evans Cycles regarding the change of the drop handlebars to the butterfly bars have been good; both assistants I have spoken to have been knowledgeable and encouraging, discussing the issues I may have and finding solutions. I took Reggie down for the work earlier this evening and immediately bumped into the guy I had chatted to last Friday (see post below). Unfortunately another assistant happened to take a passing  interest in my plans and his face said a thousand words. I hope mine said “f*** off”. What is it with some people who work in  bike shops? What happened to the customer always being right; you are supposed to go out of your way to accommodate the whims and wishes of your customers boys, not to turn up your nose and make them feel 2 inches tall. Mr misery lost interest quite quickly while the helpful assistant sorted out the paperwork. To repeat what I have said on here before; sorry to disappoint you purists but there is a second way of doing most things, including, believe it or not, cycling. Stick to your Audax cycling and enjoy the view of the tarmac; I prefer to watch the view in my upright position. My butterflies are staying put!

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  1. Butterflies sound great- when I get a proper job, or rather a proper wage, I will join the butterfly revolution!!

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