Butterflies and Brakes

ย Look how these butterfly bars (which look like Modolo Yuma Traveller Multi Position Hybrid Bars) have brake levers allowing access not just from the horizontal part of the bar but also from the sides; useful. While using this picture to illustrate this, it’s worth noting that, despite what I said in the earlier post, the horizontal part of the bar where the brake levers are attachedย is actually not in the same position as on a drop bar, it is a few centimetres nearer the rider; a longer stem would easily put that right!

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  1. Andrew

    Just got a Santos Travelmaster 2.6 Alu with butterfly handlebars – lovely gorgeous riding positions. Upright when you want control and braking, stretched, efficient and COMFORTABLE, for long pulls/straights. Haven’t needed the outside edges yet. GET ONE, GET ONE! I doubt very much you will regret it.

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