Ten Thousand!

…since the move to WordPress in mid January; 17,500 including the hits when this blog was a Blogger blog!

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  1. Hope the bike is breaking you in well.
    Just went to see Mark Beaumont in Barrow last night. He is a true gentleman. His speaking skill is evident on stage and the first hour and a bit flew by, book bought and signed to my daughter in the interval and he even had time to exchange just a few kind words. and the last bit about the Americas showed me just how much carrying a camera would change your life on a journey like this. I would personaly prefer the journey without the publicity but I suppose to enable him to do these things he needs it.
    I hope this fellow travels all the world one Country at a time with a small camera and a bike and turns into the David Attenborough of the cycling world! He deserves it.

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