Reggie Meets Rockrider…

…but can you spot the thing that is missing?

Answer: my foot!

Now, that was a few minutes ago. This is a silly little comedy of errors. I eventually figured out how to fix the piece of metal to the shoes (which fit perfectly btw; may wear them all the time!) but I couldn’t fix the shoe to the pedal with the foot in the shoe. So I fiddled and managed, with a bit of brute force, to attach the shoe to the pedal, sans foot. I climbed on the bike (a tricky process in itself when you know that if it moves a few inches forward, the bookcase will become a victim of road rage) and pedaled backward for a few moments. Still comfortable! Uncleating was actually not too difficult; a deft twist of the ankle seemed to do the trick. Contributors to You’ve Been Framed may want to position themselves video camera at the ready near my block of flats later when I take Reggie Ridgeback and the shoes out for a trial ride. I might do it after night fall to save my blushes….

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