International Traffic Jams

Just picking up the “international” theme at the end of the previous post, I do like it when the traffic feed looks like this rather than a string of Union Jacks (note to UK readers: please don’t take this personally, I love your visits too!). Bracknell is me by the way (I am rarely listed as Reading where I actually live), and I can sometimes guess who some of the others are, but I love the idea of people falling upon the site from all corners of the World (if a sphere can have corners…) either in search of something relevant or indeed irrelevant; WordPress give statistics including the words and expressions that have been used in search engines that have resulted in visits and someone today has Googled “cardboard box” and managed to come to because I talked about Reggie Ridgeback being in a cardboard box around the back of AW Cycles in Caversham; that’s the person in Honolulu, Hawaii. Sorry to disappoint…

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