Swiss-Italian Co-ordination

It looks to me as if the Swiss National Route 3 – full details are here – segways perfectly with the Italian National Route 3; La Via dei Pellegrini. What joined up thinking! This sign (take your pick of the language) is the one to follow in Switzerland (but will it take me round the houses like they do in the UK?). And while I’m at it, here is the link to the National Luxembourg Cycle Network map and a link to the French National Cycle Routes website. Thanks to the CTC Eurovelo 5 forum for these links.

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  1. You’re probably right, though at the moment it feels like France is just about as bad. Maybe that’s also because I spent so long perparing the Italy part and going to class without doing your homework first makes improvising trickier…

    • Did you ever think of simply following the Rhine Cycle Route all the way to the Dutch Coast? I spent a bit of time looking at the website the other day; that seems to be well-mapped and probably, well-signed. I will hopefully be using it from Basel through to Strasbourg (unless you found a better route following our discussion a few days ago – did you make it to Colmar or make a detour?). The site is

  2. Note from the Italian National Cycle Route main page, here

    “NB: This network does not exist yet. Now it’s only a FIAB proposal…”

    And indeed on the current website (only in italian, but it’s pretty clear) there is no link for more information regarding Italian National Route #3. See here

    I can assure you that a sign-posted route from Chiasso to Milano does not exist. I’ll post my two suggested routes for that section in detail at the end of this month.

    For points south of there, I suggest using a combination of openstreetmaps,, bikely/sanoodi/similar sites, and any other resources you can find, and compiling them. I’ll also be posting that CD of cycle-tourism routes in Lombardia.

    If you find any resources (directions?) that are difficult to use without reading Italian, I’m happy to dig through them and make a map after about April 20.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks for that George. I suspected as much about the Italian route 3; it will be a shock travelling from the well-ordered and signposted Swiss route 3 to the aspirational Italian route 3. At least you moved in the other direction 🙂
      Hope the trip is going well – I’ll catch up with your blog later today hopefully.

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