Top 10 Things to do During the Easter Holidays

  1. Start the fitness regime (PPP)
  2. Join the gym
  3. Cycle to Bath along the Kennet & Avon Canal
  4. Finalise the detailed route from Reading to Brindisi
  5. Escape to London at least once
  6. Do enough school work to make being absent from home during the summer inconsequential
  7. Mark GCSE coursework in totality
  8. Catch up with lots of friends
  9. Spend lots of time doing bugger all such as dozing while watching the Alan Titchmarsh Show
  10. Ensure the last weekend is not spent worrying about the things I should have but haven’t done over the two-week break

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  1. 1) Eat chocolate
    2) Get drunk…


    1) long essay on kierkegaard
    2) other long essay
    3) Sort passport out
    4) Book flights to india
    5) Manage and look after a small group of southern visitors on weekend 9th-11th
    6) Drink paintstripper-type student budget spirits
    7) Wallow in own misery @ not recieving student loans till may
    8) Write article on student apathy
    9) Give up article on student apathy due to apathy
    10) Return to london to have insane gay flatmate order me to clean.

    happy easter!

    • I like it!
      You need to start your own blog about going to India Annabel. When are you back in London? There is a severe risk btw that your birthday card does not arrive until after the day itself…. sorry

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