Banned at last!

My cousin David has emailed in response to the email that I sent out myself informing friends and family that the blog had moved from Blogger to WordPress;

2 months since you sent me this and I wasn’t allowed to do the link at work – you’re censored! But we’ve had a good look at home and it sounds absolutely brilliant – an adventure indeed!!. Come July we will follow your blog each day and send messages of support. It’s great that you’ve managed to fit quite a few rest days in particularly towards the end – imagine you’ll be needing them. I think on a bike you’ll still be quicker than that red Fiat Panda though. Got a bit confused on the charity bit – if you are linking in a charitable cause to this personal mission then great – please let us know.

It’s good to know that I am banned by someone; that kind of thing is usually good for publicity. Still unsure about the charity thing David. And your memory is fading; it was a blue Fiat Panda that we raced up and down the Loire Valleyย – how could you possibly forget that!!!

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