Cyling in Changing Times

This is a brilliant chart. It shows how the length of the day changes over the second half of March in and around London – more or less the same latitudeย as Reading and only a few degrees to the east. Every detail is fascinating and has a direct impact upon my cycling and my mood! At the moment, every day is getting longer by just under 4 minutes – that’s a full 20 minutes between cycling to work on a Monday and cycling home on a Friday and I can see it every morning as I set off in the increasingly light dawn. Obviously the clock change next weekend knocks things for six in the mornings when, for a few days I am plunged back into darkness (I do set off for work at a ridicoulously early time)ย but look at the sunset times: 7.30pm. Wonderful! By the time I return to work for term 5 after a two-week Easter holiday, time will have caught up and it will be light both morning and evening. I’m almost looking forward to the holiday finishing before it has even begun!

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