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In the great camping v hostel debate that will no doubt kick in at some point on this website over the next few months (as it did last year when the hostel option won), this site – Hostelling International – may be useful. It has a very good search feature and at first glance, apart from in southern Italy, there are hostels in abundance along my route….

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  1. without camping gear you need to be organised enough to be assured of a hostle place.
    with camping gear you would manage even if you have to “stealth camp”
    Camping gear slows you down at both ends of the day and as you haul it.
    Having done both and enjoyed both. If I had to choose to take it or not -….. I would take it every time knowing that I could always buy a bit of comfort in the form of a hostle or b+b.
    Awake early, pedal, long lunch, pedal, eat, sleep. repeat until you reach your destination.
    Jim ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. My thinking is that I will take a tent, but if I pull into a town at the end of my day and there is a Youth Hostel, I might use it!!

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