Breaking News: My Bike Voucher has Arrived!

It was a good news morning all round. Shortly before receiving the voucher you can see here (suitably “redacted”) I also received a clean bill of health from my doctor; she told me I had a 1% chance of having a heart attack in the next five years and had a very normal cholesterol level of 4! My blood pressure is a bit on the high side but with an intensive pre-trip training about to kick in – I leave for Italy in exactly 4 months from Thursday – I aim to reduce that asap!

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  1. Assuming A.W. have not got it in stock. They will order it from maddison, the brand owner (I think) In my experience it takes about 3 days unless it is out of stock. Their website shows stock and if you are fortunate enough to be a size 58cm they are offering a £20 discount on the suggested retail price.
    I have noticed with ridgeback that their tourers dont get discoutned much. even then only about july time.
    So with any luck, A long ride on saturday to shake it down and assess the saddle. I changed mine after the first ride in to work. Just rubbed me raw.

    • I can beat the weekend! I called in en route to work yesterday morning and have booked a “fitting” for the new bike tonight at 5pm. I havn’t been fitted for anything since my brother’s wedding!!!

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