Ultralight tents: a not-quite definitive list

I did warn you about the seasonal obsession with tents…

Jim, my brother’s brother-in-law (or my sister-in-law’s brother), has found the list of the left on the website Cheap Tents (dot com of course; someone, at the inception of the Internet could have, and probably did, make a fortune buying up cheap _____ dot com URLs and selling them to online retailers ever since). The list is in weight order but it doesn’t include the Terra Nova Laser Competition. Jim notes in his comment that the Vaude tent (the “Power Lizard”), new in at number three with a weight of 1 kilogram and a sleeping capacity of two is in response to the Terra Nova. The picture makes it look like something Captain Scott might have taken to the Antarctic. The “E-House Shelter” at number 1 in the list with a weight of 570 grams would be extreme. And drafty.

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