Sanoodi: I love them again

Apologies to everyone who is Welsh. “Hwyl” is not some alternative name for “Paul”. It means (control your laughter) “cheers” and so when Paul from Sanoodi emailed me last week, he was simply being friendly and not trying to confuse me with an alternative spelling of his first name. Anyway, that in itself, is not a reason to love Sanoodi again. If you remember I went from the level of “love” to the level of “like” becauseย it was not working consistently well on my Nokia N96. What is a reason to love them is the candid advice Paul gives in his email:

The Nokia client is in need of a lot of TLC. The S60 platform was difficult to write for. N96ย is a great phone, but not great to write software for. The new Nokiasย are much better but they use a new operating system and this is what we will cater for in the future.

So they are addressing the problem which is fantastic.

Paul goes on to talk about using Blackberry instead and has made a very kind offer which I will come back to in the future. This is only the beginning of my love affair with Sanoodi I feel…

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