The Tour of Reading… bike shops

Just seen a very retro-looking Ridgeback in here. It looked sturdy and up for the job. But I want something that is a bit more sleek and swish. Problem is that in the cycling world those words don’t fit comfortably with mundane words like touring and panniers. Mr Cyclezone also mentioned the Dawes Galaxy which I think Richard Burton has gone for. Earlier in err… forgotten the name of the shop, I was shown a nice Trek that is a possibility. It’s only 1pm so I’ll head off to AW Cycles in North Reading, sorry, Caversham – my cycle supplier of choice to hear what they have to say.

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  1. Hi Andrew.
    Good luck with the bike search.
    I am considering the Dawes Vantage unless a galaxy comes up at the right price on ebay.

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