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Just got back from the first ride of the year. It was alot harder than i remember. Not helped by the potholes in the roads. I’m fortunate to live on a cycle route so at least there’s not much traffic. Loads of cyclists though. Found myself in the middle of a race. The support vehicle followed me for a while. I must have looked like i was going to collapse. I need to start some serious training.
Back to the shopping trip.
I did what i try to get my customers to do, impulse buy. Only went window shopping but found a really light tent in the sale so i bought it. It’s the Terra Nova Competition. I think it’s the one that you had already mentioned. Can’t believe how light it is. Had a look at bikes but they are all waiting for the new stock so there wasn’t much to see. I’ve narrowed it down online to the Dawes Vantage at spacycles or the Dawes Horizon. 40LTR Ortlieb panniers look big enough for my kit. Also bought a lightweight sleeping bag and mattress.
Had a little look at stoves but i’d be interested to know your thoughts on these.

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  1. Thanks for the post Richard: it seems a bit bizarre posting "comments" to posts rather than writing the post in the first place but I love it: keep them coming. Regarding tents – excellent choice and you are in good company – the Terra Nova Competition is the tent of choice of Mark Beaumont (see who cycled around the World with his and I presume is still using it as he makes his way down through South America.

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