Galway to…..

The email that people use to contact me is (use it!). However, I only periodically trawl through the junk mail and junk mail filters are not perfect. Fergal in Ireland has become a victim of the over zealous filters at Microsoft but I did manage to pick his email out when I reviewed the file. I’ve just replied an apology for not getting back to him sooner, especially in that he is so complimentary about ! He writes (or should I say wrote):
Have been considering a journey from Galway to Rome and found you. Your Blog is a great source of info and inspiration. Would love to be able to join you but I reckon 2010 is a bit early. Best of luck with the rest of the prep and the journey itself . Hope the seasonal weather is not effecting you to much
Galway is an interesting point on the Eurovelo network – see the map – as it is one of the few places across the continent that merits a little white flag. It’s the starting point of Route 2 which arcs across Europe finishing in Moscow of all places.

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