Online Chat..

You know when you look at websites and you think wow, that must have taken ages to set up and get working…. Well it doesn’t! I set up that chat box down there on the right hand side (just below the advert for my friends’ yoga retreat in Puglia) it a matter of minutes. And what’s more, I was chatting with someone on the site within seconds of having set it up. How bizarre is that! I’ll see how this thing pans out but if you look up a bit you can see that I have recklessly committed myself to being sat at my computer every night a 8pm (that might change) to chat with anyone who is online. If you are reading this at any time before 8pm tomorrow, then come back at 8pm UK time on Sunday 3rd January and we’ll talk, well, type and have a conversation with my little Puglia 2010 community.

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