Mapping the route…..nearly

My trip took a major step forward this morning: I bought some maps for most of the route from Calais to Brindisi. I say most of not because I have missed out the bit from Reading to Dover (I should be able to do that with Sustrans maps), but because, Sod’s Law, after trawling the shops in Reading which sell maps (two Waterstones and a WHSmith), I managed to get all of the maps I need apart from the last one – 363 Puglia – the one with the blue box in the picture. I hope that isn’t a sign that I will not make it to Brindisi….
I’ve plumped for Michelin 1:200,000 (1cm = 2km). This seems to be a good compromise between having sufficient detail and being relatively compact. I think they all match up and cover the entire route although this will need checking. I wish I had an extremely large living room to spread the maps out and fit them together like a jigsaw, but I don’t! I could, however, spread them out one by one, take a picture of each one and then piece them togther electronically…. I think I have just planned my afternnoon: more later!

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