Big Adventures…

My 2010 adventure is pretty tame compared to these guys:
Ken Roberts is going around the World in four years. When asked why, he says “Simple – travel solo across the principal inhabited continents – Europe, Asia, Australia, the Americas and Africa – by bicycle. Departure date from home in Somerset is set – 2 September 2009 – for a journey expected to cover in excess of 45,000 miles over the next 4 years. Why do this? To raise awareness of, and funds for, The Outward Bound Trust, and to inspire others to explore their potential through discovery and adventure.”
James Bowthorpe is doing the same thing, but a bit quicker: he is actually aiming to beat Mark Beaumont’s record for cycling around the World. He has a great website and is actually within weeks of breaking the record! His charity of choice is research into Parkinson’s disease.
Respect to both of them!

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