The Pennine Cycleway: Pause for thought

I have enjoyed every minute of it – far more than I actually thought I would. The cycling, the places, the scenery, the people, the weather, the accommodation, the relaxation, the fun…. I could good on. I can’t fault any of them! I would even go so far as to say that it have been one of the best holiday experiences of my life. And a week ago, I wouldn’t have thought that: staying in England, travelling by myself, with dodgy weather forecast and a certain uncertainty as to what the accommodation would be like. Obviously it is nice to have a rest for a few days here in Yorkshire courtesy of my parents but hand on heart I could have continued for many more days: my body is copying well – not an ache or strain that I didn’t have before I started!
I’ll be staying here in Yorkshire until Tuesday morning. I’ll then set off and complete the Pennine Cycleway from Yorkshire, through the Peak District to Derby. That should only take me three or maximum four days. I really want to push myself a bit more next week: although on a couple of the days last week I touched 50 miles in the day (with detours etc…), I want to see how I cope with doing 50 + miles for three or four consecutive days. After all, this is what I will have to do in order to get to Brindisi before the end of August 2010!
In the meantime, I am spending a little bit of time updating all the bits and pieces on here – including uploading all my videos so far to YouTube (see below). I’ll also be uploading some more pictures to Flickr. Keep watching, looking and reading!

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