Accommodation sorted!

That was easier than I thought! All the accommodation is now booked – all YHA apart from Wednesday 5th when I will be staying at a place called Stackstead Farm: they have dormitory style accommodation for a very reasonable ยฃ11 per night. I think my camping mat might have to be used! Feel a bit guilty about having abandoned the camping but I really got the impression that it might have been more hassle than it was worth when for the same price I have YHA places available. That said, I’m still thinking along the tenting lines for next summer en route to Puglia so my research is not in vain.
The only thing that is left in the back of my mind is whether I will be able to take the bike on the train before 10am on Saturday from Reading to Paddington. It would be very ironic if I were not able to do the entire journey because of the first bit of the trip…
Now need to write up all my notes and make sure that I am able to find the hostels / farm when I arrive in the respective places.

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