Les nouvelles cartes sont arrivées!

French language pun there…(tumbleweed crosses screen)… Anyway, they have – the Sustrans maps arrived that is if your French isn’t quite what it should be. Much time will be spent pouring over them in the course of the next few days. To my relief, campsites are noted on the maps so I should be able to pinpoint stopping locations at regular distances. The Pennine Cycleway North map comes with a “stamping card” which I have to say I won’t be using. It trivialises the whole thing, no? Or is that me been too much up my own arse? There are twenty places listed on the back of the card where I could get the thing stamped and the blurb tells me that I need six stamps to qualify for a “commemorative route T-shirt”. More like an opportunity for the assortment of bike shops, pubs, post offices and cafés to cash in from the passing cyclists. Bah humbug!

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