Puglia 2010 meets Facebook… and regional Italian elections

Having fallen out with Facebook a couple of months ago – all those people who, quite frankly you would struggle to have a conversation with if you actually met them face to face – I have just re-invited the friends who I actually want to be friends to be my, err… friend. In doing so, I was prompted to supply a “Facebook name”, so I chose, of course Puglia 2010! So, Puglia 2010 has met Facebook!

www.facebook.com/puglia2010 will get you straight to me on Facebook.
Having said what I have just said about “friends” you would struggle to chat with, any interested visitor to the blog would be welcome – I wouldn’t struggle to chat with you! Even the guy who thinks my trip is “deluded” (see previous post).
And while on the subject of the Internet, Puglia 2010 has a rival: www.puglia2010.net . There are it seems, regional elections in Puglia in 2010 and they have chosen that address for all their online information. I wonder if they wanted to use www.puglia2010.com ? Everyone has their price….

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