The Vango Force 10 Helium 200

OK, a bit of Internet research has poured scorn on my first choice of tent (see below: the Karrimor which is a nice colour but which one reviewer witheringly described as a “…Peter Storm tent [those are the very cheap ones you get from Millets] with a different label on the side…”). So, more Interent research (it does make you wonder how anybody did anything until the Internet was invented – this whole endeavour has the Internet at its heart!) points me in the direction of the Vango Force 10 Helium 200 tent which should be purchased for its name alone (although this is just as vacuous as purchasing a tent for its colour…). Springfield Camping describes it as follows: “Hurrah for the Vango Helium 200. Worship the hybrid tunnel design, ease of pitching, watertight and solid structure. No compromise on comfort, durability or features. The Helium 200 is perfect for the serious outdoor enthusiast who doesn’t compromise on anything.” Mind you, they are trying to sell the things. Their price is ยฃ184 and they promise next day delivery which is good because their shop is in…err… Luddenden Foot – just down the road from my parents in West Yorkshire and actually on the route of the Pennine Cycleway. I suppose if there was a problem with it, I could pay them a visit. The online price at Cotswold Leisure is ยฃ220. Not a bad saving. I should keep one very big eye on the statistics of the thing: weight 1,250 grammes, pack sixe 40 cm x 12 cm – astonishing – pitching time 7 minutes. After a bit of practice I imagine. The weight stated is the “trail” weight. It is 50 grammes heavier when not on the “trail”. What’s all that about?

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