Starting to spend, sorry invest!

I look forward to the day when I don’t feel guilty about spending money. I’m 40 and I still do!
Anyway, my “investing” in equipment for the journey has started. It does read a bit like a Mastercard advert without the “priceless” bit at the end:
Cotswold Leisure:
Berghaus Fleece & T-shirt twinpack – ยฃ30
Long-sleeved zip chest Berghaus shirt – ยฃ26
Bike Gear cycling shorts – ยฃ60 (yes, 60 f*****g quid! They were comfortable when I tried them on a few days ago when “window shopping” – they better still be…)
Altura fingerless cycling gloves – ยฃ20
Spork – ยฃ2 (this will, despite its cost, give me the most fun: a plastic spoon, fork & knife in one!)
Grip water bottle – ยฃ4.99
Alloy water bottle cage – ยฃ5.99
Valve adapter – ยฃ1.99
Blacks Quantum 200 sleeping bag – ยฃ74.99
So, still needing to buy the tent, panniers, handlebar bag, sleeping mat, weatherproof jacket and cooking gear, I have spent ยฃ223.96 or 56% of my budget 0f ยฃ400. Great. No wonder I feel guilty. I could be sleeping under the stars at this rate.

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