Fickle? Me?

Call me fickle, I don’t care! Waking up with thoughts of boredom on my mind and a desire to spice up my trip to Yorkshire this summer, I have abandoned it! This is great news. I don’t now have to trudge from Reading through to the Peak District in mediocre lowland landscapes of England. What a relief!

But fear not dear readers… my cycle plans have merely shifted somewhat. I have discovered the PCW – the Pennine Cycle Way. More hilly, more beautiful, more challenging, more fun! It potentially also fits in perfectly with my family plans this summer. Have a look at the map. It kicks off in Berwick-upon-Tweed which would obviously mean getting up there on a train – not difficult from Reading (although potentially pricey). Setting off this coming weekend or shortly thereafter, ten days would give me more than enough time to get to the West Yorkshire portion of the route. A few days R&R courtesy of mother and father, and then continue south to Derby, or Nottingham to be precise where on the 15th August a family get together is planned at my aunt’s house. From there, a train back to the lowlands of the south of England. How about that for a plan!
I need maps and three National Cycle Network maps cover the route. Is it worth a trip to Stanfords in London today? Expect updates as I change my mind further over the next few hours.
Fickleness is a virtue!
A few websites to ponder:
It’s 350 miles long btw and most people do it Derby to Berkwick. Except me.

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