Strange endings…

It didn’t end there. Strange things were about to happen in Trafalger Square. First of all, Cat Woman was removed and replaced. Just before she was replaced, I had been thinking what I would do if I were to be stuck on top of the plinth. I imagined it would have to have something to do with a bike, probably I would take a bike up there with me. And then, the neon jackets appeared again with their cherry picker…. and replaced Cat Woman with a suited man and a…. bike. How bizarre is that?

But it became even more surreal. The suited man didn’t do a great deal. The bike was upside down and everyone was watching, including his family who appeared to have turned up en masse. Then there was a low throb in the air, a buzzing that could only be a helicopter. It had Virgin written on the side so I have expected that Sir Richard Branson would jump out and be part of the elaborate stunt with bike man atop of the plinth. But the helicopter didn’t land. It continued to buzz around. On the third circle above Trafalgar Square you could see that it said “Ambulance” underneath so I presumed Branson was not about to appear. But then, very strangely, it landed, in the middle of Trafalgar Square. Yes, it landed. Bike man on the plinth had become a mere side show. The helicopter was something else. Loud, cool, like in a Hollywood movie. One woman sat nearby said that she expected Bruce Willis to jump out in a Die Hard kind of moment. After landing, the engine was cut and the blades stopped whirring…. and then Bike man dropped his bike off the top of the plinth. Was he trying to regain the attention of the crowd. It had fallen into the net around the plinth and he successfully made an attempt (with his tie) to retrieve it. He then stripped down into cycling Lycras and sat on top of it. This was better than a West End show! I couldn’t stand anymore excitement and headed home. What a fun afternoon. ๐Ÿ™‚

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