How do I straddle the Midlands Gap?

Now this map shows the no-brainer routes from Reading to Stratford-upon-Avon and from Derby to Huddersfield (covered by the two maps mentioned below). The question is whether I continue via Birmingham (the blue circle on the left) or whether I continue via Coventry (the red circle on the right). The Birmingham route looks more defined. The Coventry route is more direct but has a few blanks where there is no cycle route. My hunch is to go via Coventry… but more research needed. The Coventry side of the gap is more or less covered by OS Landranger map 140. Map 139 which covers the Birmingham route is entirely covered by Birmingham i.e. very urban. I think my mind is made up. I will go via Coventry! There is an offer at Waterstones 3 maps for the price of 2. Sods law: the Peak District map is being updated and reprinted so I will wait for a couple of weeks until it arrives in the shop to save myself some pennies (or ยฃ5.50).

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