Votes etc…

I have a third vote over there. I’m still inspired. ๐Ÿ™‚
After the British Library, I went to the British Museum to meet two friends and to see an exhibition about Hadrian – the Roman Emperor. He was refreshingly liberated in his personal life :).
In the shop afterwards, I found a chronology of World religions. For the year 990 my friend Segeric was mentioned as becoming the Archbishop of Canterbury – elevated from being the Bishop of Ramsbury and Sonning. His departure / death was noted in 994 although there was no mention of his trip to Rome and back. His successor was also elevated from being the Bishop of Ramsbury and Sonning…. obviously the up and coming See of the late 10th century.
One of my friends later told me I was looking fat :(. Another reason to get fit, on my bike and off to Brindisi!

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