Local connections…

Archbishop Sigeric, our friend who first described the route of my trip (from Cantebury to Rome) has a couple of local connections. According to Wikipedia he was elected Abbot of St Augustine’s in about 975 to 990, and consecrated by Archbishop Dunstan to the See of Ramsbury and Sonning in 985 or 986. The See of Ramsbury and Sonning is now the area looked after by the Bishop of Salisbury but Sonning itself is only a couple of miles east of my own home town of Reading, Berkshire. On his death he left an important collection of books to his chirch in Sonning. In addition, our friend Sigeric and Serious advised King Æthelred to found Cholsey Abbey in Berkshire in honor of King Edward the Martyr. Cholsey is no longer in Berkshire (Oxfordshire these days) but again, it is not far from Reading. Both connections merit being investigated at some point over the course of the next couple of years. Put on the to do list. As well as find the description that Sigeric made of the trip / route from Cantebury to Rome. Perhaps he left it to the church in Sonning?


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