British Library Update

Well they got back to me with the correct reference: I wasn’t too far away – it is “Cotton Tiberius B V Part 1, folio 23 verso to folio 24 [TEXT ONLY]”. They call it the “correct foliation”. I can see a facsimile on CD which they have prepared ready for me to see (and take away?) tomorrow. So I have prepared my ID to get hold of my “reader pass” and am off to the capital in the morning to investigate.
Someone has added a vote to my “Do you think my trip is….?” vote over there on the right. I was the first to vote but don’t know who is the second. Could it be the British Library? I did give them the reference in my original email. Whoever it is, they think my idea is “inspired”. I like to think it is the British Library. My cycle trip has the rubber stamp of one of the great institutions of the country! Perhaps. 🙂


Categories: Cycling

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