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Rome: Piazza Navona

If you can remember that far back, when I was in Luxembourg a few weeks ago, I visited an excellent museum all about the history of the city itself. It was well-presented, informative, interesting and told a complete picture that enabled me later, when wandering around the town, […]

Rome: Marcello’s Flat

Here is Marcello. Great guy. He lives in this flat just to the east of the centre of Rome with his girlfriend and dog, Ambra. His girlfriend is away this weekend so it was Marcello, myself and the dog who had “hot” chicken curry tonight. Well, the dog […]

The Vatican City

You know that I’m not on a pilgrimage but it was the first thing I bumped into… The statistics; Cycling time: 7 hrs 17 mins 44 secs Distance: 134.5 kms Average speed: 18.4 kms/hr Maximum speed: 50.6 kms/hr Eurovelo 5 distance: 2,601.9 kms Now off along the cobbles […]