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Cycling Lithuania: Short Routes, Long Routes (And A Very Long Route)

I’m not usually in the habit of publishing verbatim a press release that has been sent in my direction but I’m going to make an exception. I’ve received an email from Lithuania Travel with some suggested cycling routes in Lithuania and the seven-point list is below. The furthest I’ve travelled in that direction on the bike is Copenhagen or, off the bike, Berlin, Czechia and Slovakia. I’ve never visited Poland or any of the countries to the east but clicking on the links in the list below, I am seduced by the landscape. More reminiscent of Scandinavia than anything ‘eastern bloc’.

The Cycling Europe Podcast: Episode 027 – Dr Ian Walker

In 2015 I cycled from Tarifa in Spain – the southernmost point of mainland Europe – to Nordkapp in Norway – the northernmost point. It took me over 100 days. In 2019 Dr Ian Walker – an academic at the University of Bath – completed the journey in the opposite direction… in 16 days 20 hours and 59 minutes. In the process he became the fastest person ever to cycle across Europe north to south. That’s no mean feat for a man in his mid-forties who had only taken up ultra-long-distance racing a few years prior to breaking the record. I needed to find out how he did it…