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Three Buses: Peter, Hans And Mark

It’s always good to from people that I have met on my travels. This week, two fellow continental drifters from the cycle from Spain to Norway back in 2015 have been in touch. First up is Peter Udell. I met him in northern Spain in the early part […]

Finishing With The Finnish

I really should spend more weekends like this. In bed at 10:30 on Sunday evening, I am knackered, but it’s a good knackered not a bad one. Following last night’s visit from South African cyclist Matt (see below) & my err… interesting experience driving and being driven by […]

Puglia 2010 Worldwide!

Canada, The USA, The UK, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Luxemburg, Denmark, Switzerland, Poland, Austria, Portugal, Greece, Sweden, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Thailand, Australia, Japan… plus all the others who have been and now gone from the map. Amazing who is interested in this drivel!