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The Exclusively Cycling News

This blog has become a little more generalist of late with me discussing a varied range of topics from trips to France with groups of school children to how the re-decoration of my flat over the last couple of weeks has been progressing. I need to get things […]

Bamboo Bikes

A while back, I posted something about a geography teacher called Lisa from London who was hoping to cycle to the Arctic Circle this summer. She is currently in Oslo by the looks of it – see her website for details. When we exchanged emails she said that […]

@BBC_Joe_Lynam …

…has mentioned me! 🙂 Not just in isolation, but in the same breath as the esteemed @jonsnowc4 , the Channel 4 News anchor. He is clearly a man of taste as he also has a WordPress blog. For those of you that don’t but can, follow me @apsykes .

Unmissable Newsnight

The former News Of The world reporter, Paul McMullen appears on every programme going and you have to admire his willingness to be mauled in public. He reminds me of an arsey teenager who will continue to argue despite not having a leg to stand on…

Ride of My Life: The Story of the Bicycle

Great documentary on BBC4 in the early hours of this morning – a repeat from 2009. The blurb says; “Author Rob Penn travels around the world collecting hand-built parts for his dream bicycle and charts the social history of one of mankind’s greatest inventions.”. It’s based upon his […]

“Is Dangerous Cycling A Problem?”

From the BBC website; MPs could introduce a new offence of causing death by dangerous cycling. But how much of a danger do these two-wheeled travellers really pose? There is little that divides UK public opinion more sharply than cyclists.To their supporters, Britain’s bike-riders are clean, green, commuters-with-a-conscience, who […]