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In Praise Of…The Bike Show

That was fun. It’s a good job that time in the real world, outside the studios of radio stations, doesn’t go by as quickly as it does inside those little sound-proofed rooms. We’d all be in our graves before we were out of the maternity ward. Fifteen minutes […]

Thirty Minutes Of Worldwide Fame

Well, The Bike Show is available online so compared to Reggie’s five seconds of fame last Friday on BBC South Today, my thirty minutes on Monday evening surely compares quite well, no? Three ways to listen; if you live in central London the show is broadcast on 104.4FM, […]

On Hannibalโ€™s Trail (Again)

I first wrote something about this documentary – On Hannibal’s Trail – back in October 2010 when it was shown on the BBC HD channel. At the time, Middle-Age Cyclist Darrell (that’s his website by the way, not me being presumptuous) commented as follows; It is a great […]

Good Vibrations: The Story So Far

Listen to my BBC interview about the cycle and the book via Audio Boo. Read the article that appeared in the Reading Chronicle. Watch a 25 minute film that combines the BBC interview with pictures and videos from the cycle. Read about my forray into the media world. […]

Good Vibrations: Boo!

My interview with BBC Radio Berkshire which will, unfortunately, disappear from the BBC iPlayer at the end of August, can still be listened to via Audio Boo. I have split the interview into seven parts and here are the links; Good Vibrations – Part 1 Good Vibrations – […]