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Transport Issues: Near, Far And Very Far Indeed

An interesting week both on and off the bike. In recent weeks I’ve mentioned the purchase of a new bike in order to return to the habit of cycling to work. Well, this week, the bike was delivered and the habit re-started… Alas the delivery of the bike – a Ribble Hybrid AL Trail Disc Enthusiast 2.0 – was timed for Monday morning so I resorted to taking the car to school that day, but when I returned home, this was waiting for me…

The Cycling Europe Podcast: Episode 042 – Cycling For Society / Baltic Sea / Climate Explorersย ย 

In this episode of the podcast we hear from two groups who are using cycling to highlight important issues in society. Iris and Jan, from Berlin, are currently cycling around the world. As they travel, they are researching approaches towards tackling mental health issues in the countries that they visit.ย  The Climate Explorers are a small group of cyclists who are aiming to raise environmental awareness. In 2021 they embarked upon the โ€˜Pedal 4 Parksโ€™ journey across the UK. Your host, Andrew Sykes, also updates us on his plans to cycle around the Baltic Sea in the summer of 2022.

WarmShowers Forums: Swedish Trains And Videos

Earlier this week I received an email from WarmShowers, the accommodation sharing website aimed at cycle tourists, about their ‘forums’. Whenever I think of forums my mind turns back to the early days of the Internet when things were a little more ‘clunky’ than they are now. But they must still be a ‘thing’ and the fact that WarmShowers have them on their website would suggest that, actually, they are still widely used.

The Art Of Sisu And Cycling

I’m continuing to walk to work on as many days as I can. Before Christmas I embarked on the 45-minute journey – in both directions – almost every day of the school term and absorbed myself into the world of Baltic podcasts. Over the course of six or seven weeks I practically exhausted all the relevant available audio delights on Apple Podcasts and BBC Sounds, circumnavigating the Baltic Sea not once but twice.

two white rice mills

Baltic Sea Cycle: Travelling To The Baltic

My mind continues to be focussed on plans for this summer’s ride around (much of) the Baltic Sea. Although I am happy for the details of the journey to simply go with the flow of events (as was the case during the previous long European cycles) with accommodation and day-to-day destinations being decided upon on the day itself, I have committed myself to two ferry journeys; from Hull to Rotterdam and then, a few days later, from Kiel in Germany to Klaipeda in Lithuania. Initially, this gave me a maximum of five days to travel from the port in Rotterdam to its counterpart in Kiel…