The Brompton Folding Bicycle: A Factory Visit

Here’s a post from 2014 about my visit to the Brompton factory in London. It was interesting to watch the documentary about building a Brompton bicycle this week on BBC1. Worth a look. Here’s the link.

I have a friend who owns a Brompton bicycle. When I meet him for a coffee, he invariably arrives at the cafe on his Brompton. He speaks lovingly about his travelling companion in the same way that I speak about my own bicycle, Reggie. People think that I am strange having a bicycle with a name (although I am not the only one out there…) and when I see my Brompton-loving friend I have to say that I think he is a bit strange for having chosen one. He even takes his folding friend with him when he travels abroad… Bromptons are just for the fanatics, no?

A couple of months ago, I published an article here about the growth of ‘bicycle culture’ in the UK. It made mention of Brompton bikes and, as a result of that post, I was contacted by the Brompton Bicycle Company. Did I…

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  1. John Woodfield says:

    I quite understand being attached to a bike enough to give it a name. I have had a Dawes Kalahari for about 10 years and it has taken me to some amazing places – I have cycled from England to Istanbul on it twice amongst other places. I considered calling it Rocinante after Don Quixote’s steed but it remains nameless other than The Bike.

    1. Andrew says:

      I’m not emotionally attached to Reggie. It’s a marketing tool.

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