Cycling Day 73: Grimsbu To Kvikne

A year ago today, en route to Nordkapp, Norway…

Click here to see the detailed statistics of today’s cycle.

I’m about to start writing… And here I am. I’ve showered, eaten, washed the dishes (OK, there aren’t that many) and I’m sacrificing listening to Any Questions on Radio 4 in order to write up about not just today, cycling day 73, but yesterday as well as I never did it last night. You may want to scan your eyes over the pictures for cycling day 72 (two posts below) before you start reading as they are worth a look. It was spectacular day 1 in Norway…

Done that? Good. Then let’s begin. A couple of days ago someone on Twitter asked if I’d be interested in using a particular app which would give me the route profile of a cycle before I’d started riding it. The answer was a diplomatic ‘no’ as I prefer to remain ignorant about…

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