Month: June 2016

How To Fuel A Grand Tour

The Tour de France 2016 is almost upon us and SIS have created an infographic that gives an insight into how the riders in Team Sky stayed fuelled during those long days in the saddle. I have to say my own approach as I cycled across Europe was […]

Hot Or Cold Shower After A Bike Ride?

By Samantha Long It is one of cycling’s greatest conundrums; greater even than the matter of deciding who is the all-time best cyclist. Or what is the most challenging climb? Or where is the most spectacular ride in the world? The question in question is… A lovely relaxing […]

“Why Your Next Bike Should Be A Touring Bike”

I only have one bike, a touring bike obviously, so when I saw a link to this article on the RoadCC website, I was immediately interested. What do you think? Why your next bike should be a touring bikeโ€”the most versatile bike type around#cycling โ€” (@roadcc) […]