Actually, has existed for some time and it redirected to here, But that’s no longer the case as has fledged the nest and is now out there on its own.

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Looks good, no? It’s amazing how much fun and just how satisfying it is creating a new WordPress website when you know how to do it. has changed much over the years but much of what you see here has been through experimentation. What you see when you visit apsykes.comย (or indeed is through experience.

There’s not a great deal on the site at the moment; just a homepage and a few articlesย to see how various types of posts – text, video, photography – look. But over time it should allow me to keep the more personal (within reason) stuff on one website and allow the European cycling stuff to thrive on here. That said, there will no doubt be a fair bit of crossover and reblogging from one to the other.

Feedback on the new site (and indeed the ‘old’ one) is more than welcome. I suppose the main motivation for the split between and (I’ll stop inserting the links now…) has been the prospect of becoming a ‘proper’ published author. Read more about that in this post. But it’s not an ego thing (well, not mainly). I have had a long term desire to turn into something that it currently isn’t; an objective source of information about cycling in Europe. Inevitably, when it is also my personal mouthpiece, it can’t be objective but hopefully by giving my mouth a different piece of the web from which to speak, it has a greater chance of becoming so. That said, there’s nothing wrong with a good old bit of subjectivity when needed.

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