Cycling Europe: Cakes Not Carbon, Pastries Not Petrol

image57A couple of weeks ago I received a text message from my cousin who was travelling through France by car. He had bumped into two cyclists who were in the process of crossing Europe – from Corfe Castle to Corfu – and he told them about this website. Their names are Jay and Harriet and Jay has just sent a message asking about cycling through Albania. You can read her comment and my response on the Albania page of the website.

Anyway, I’ve just spent half an hour or so reading through some of the posts that they have made on their own website – Cakes Not Carbon – and it is worth a digital detour if you have a few moments to spare.

Here’s how the two cyclists describe themselves:

We are Harriet and Jay and welcome to our bike travel blog ‘Cakes not Carbon.’ Between us we dread to think how big our carbon footprints are from all the countries we have traveled to in our time. Seeing the world is one of our passions but burning fossil fuels is not which is why we are embarking on a journey fueled by pastries not petrol! We will be trading train tickets for treats and ditching the diesel buses to become donut-powered pedaling machines.  We are new to this blogging malarky but hope you will enjoy hearing stories from our food-fuelled adventures…

Some nice pictures too. I’m jealous…

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