Exams, Jobs & Mark Beaumont… but no Handlebars!

Just spent a few minutes moving things around and changing some of the settings here on . I often change things back after a few days if I don’t like them although I thinks it’s nice to have a home page to the website. Problem may be, will anyone still read the entries on the blog? We’ll see.

It’s been a quiet week on the cycling planning front; this corresponds to a very busy week at school. We spent the week administering the GCSE speaking exams this week which involves, in effect, stopping everything else and just concentrating upon that. The problem is however, that in the world of education being the juggernaut that it is, it is simply impossible to stop the other things that you need to do so you don’t and everything still has to be squeezed in!

A couple of nice things this week however; firstly, I got a new job! Kind of… I will still be working at the same school and teaching the same kids but I fought off the competition (from six other applicants, so it was quite a battle) and have been appointed as an Assistant Head for next academic year. It’s a maternity cover post so will come to the end in July 2011 but it will be an interesting experience and a step up the greasy pole…. And on Sunday – tomorrow – I have an evening in the company of Mark Beaumont to look forward to. Reports from his previous venues (that he often re-Tweets) have been extremely positive. Full report on here after the event of course.

My new handlebars didn’t turn up at work ๐Ÿ™ . I did get a package and was very excited but it turned out to be 33 underground passes for the Paris Metro system in unfeasibly large packaging; three weeks today I’ll be in the French capital on the annual Year 10 trip.

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