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Eurovelo 8: The Maps

Digital mapping moves on apace. Only this week I was emailed by a guy from the German website Cycle Routes & Tours pointing out that some of the Eurovelo routes have been mapped on his site. I’ve added the links he gave to the relevant route sections in […]

Eurovelo 15: The Rhine Cycle Route

The Rhine Cycle Route (or as it has been recently rebranded, the Eurovelo 15) has a sexy new website. Can a website be sexy? Actually, not going there… It’s worth a look (and you won’t feel obliged to delete your Internet browsing history after having been there…). The […]

Jack, Richard & The Eurovelos 5 & 15

An email has arrived from Jack who fancies cycling around Europe… He writes in blue, I write in red. Well, I am a teacher, albeit one with a sniffly nose today. And on the day that Francois Hollande becomes the French president, it does give this post a […]