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Rest Day 2: Olympia, Greece

The reason for trekking all that way across the Peloponnese was, of course, to visit the ancient ruins of Olympia. I don’t want to make this to be too big of a thing but if you read my book about cycling to Italy you may remember that I […]

The Cycling Author Shelf Of Fame?

Dear Mr Sykes – Iโ€™m too full of respect to refer to you as Andrew – Iโ€™ve just completed reading your โ€œGood Vibrations: Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggieโ€ and thoroughly enjoyed it, well done, not just for completing the journey, but also the book. You are […]

Alpine Downs and Ups

Do you ever want to scream? Today is one of those days. I live in a flat where I pay a communal charge and it has just been increased by 500% from around ยฃ90 to just under ยฃ430. Now this is clearly an error but it annoys me […]