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Matt Krog & The Eurovelo 6: Day 14

Thursday 26th July Besançon to Montbéliard: Time Unknown, Approx. 100km “The first thing I did that morning after saying goodbye to Nelly and Julien was head up the steep hill to the citadel. It was the one thing that Nelly said I could not leave without visiting. Besançon […]

Nine Steps Towards Safer Cycling

As promoted in today’s Independent newspaper; The London Cycling Campaign, which promotes safer cycling in the capital, has produced a nine-point-plan for reducing the toll of death and injury among cyclists: * Enforce speed limits and clamp down on drivers who use mobile phones. (A young woman in […]

Cycling To The (Arctic) Circle

The article below is from this week’s Times Educational Supplement. Interesting choice of a bike. Her website is here. This summer, geography teacher Lisa Baum will cycle from her school, Ernest Bevin College in south London, to the Arctic Circle, with the aim of encouraging more pupils to […]

Responses To Your Comments

I have failed to get hooked up to the Internet via Wi-Fi here at the campsite so instead I have just been through all the comments made over the last couple of days, made some notes and below are your individual responses. Some comments might only make sense […]

Spotted in Rural Oxfordshire

Here is my first track with the new SPOT device. Sending a message every ten minutes means that between home and work, a journey that normally takes me only about 25 minutes, I would expect to have two “waypoints” tracked between me setting off and arriving. I only have […]